Canning History Project

Project Outline

The project’s main aim is to produce a book on the history and character of the Canning area in Liverpool.  This will trace the area from its rural beginnings and 16th Century quarrying, through its 18th and 19th Century growth as a wealthy residential quarter bookended by its two park areas, to the effects of 20th Century developments of the adjacent cathedral, colleges and theatres; its decline in wealth; its becoming home to a number of artists, poets and musicians; and other aspects, both historical and contemporary.
    As well as prose on the history of the area, the book will include maps, photographs and artworks, both historic and contemporary, and will also include some poetry and creative prose relating to the area.

    The project is coordinated by a volunteer steering group, consisting of David Bateman, Elizabeth Dolan and Len Reid; and with appropriate training in local history, research and recorded interviewing, a team of local volunteers are researching the various facets of the area.  A professional writer will act as main writer and will assist in the editing of other contributions, which will come from both the volunteers and other residents and ex-residents of the area.  Anyone is welcome to contribute, so if there’s any aspect of the area in which you’re especially interested or knowledgeable, please do get in touch.
    Besides the book itself, the project will produce interview-recordings, and exhibition and website materials on the area.  The two-year project period will culminate in spring 2016 with an exhibition and a book-launch event celebrating the area.

The Canning History Project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
We are also supported by BBC Radio Merseyside; National Museums Liverpool; North West Sound Archive; OMF Derek Cox Architects;
& Liverpool Central Library & Archive.